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Behind Every Event

People often ask me “how do we make our events so special at Canterbury Manor?”  The answer: we have a fantastic team of employees who make it happen.  The steps for us: First, comes the ideas – our brainstorming sessions.  What if we did this theme? Second comes - a meeting with other staff members and the residents to get their input. Third comes- the research of the time era….clothes, music, drinks, food, toys, and candy. Fourth comes- how are we going to make this event come to fruition on a budget that all departments need to adhere too. Fifth – We are going to do this event and it is promised to be fun, entertaining and educational for the residents, staff, and community. Did you enjoy the SEAFOOD BOIL? We used the formula above to make it happen.  We asked one of our residents, Colleen Morelock, to join us on a voyage across the sound to Seattle to do seafood and beverage research for this possible event.  She was instrumental in every decision we made to make that event a success. Several residents and guests attended the Seafood Boil and had a marvelous time. Are you Ready to Shake, Rattle, and Roll? For our next event, Canterbury Manor is inviting you to our 22nd Anniversary Open House on August 5th, 2016 from 10-3pm.  The theme is the 1950’s…The residents have been busy making poodles skirts and helping with decorations.  The professional dancers and Elvis impersonator are ordered.  All props are ready to capture the fun moments with residents and guests. Everything from that era will be celebrated…So get ready to enjoy the sites, food, and the music. Cheryl  

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