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Canterbury Tattle Tales

There is something for everyone to do living at Canterbury Manor.  For the budding reporter or those with creative writing skills, there is the Canterbury Tattle Tales. The Canterbury Tattle Tales is a quarterly publication created and maintained by the residents of Canterbury Manor.  It’s an opportunity to introduce new residents to Canterbury as well as provide tips and tricks for the seasons, games, and poems.

Since 2011 the Editor-in-Charge is Barbara Sheppard. One of her first tasks was moving the process from the typewriter to the computer. The goal of the Tales is to present a colorful publication that is positive, light-hearted and leaves a reader with a happy feeling. Barbara’s cohort in getting the Tales to publication is Pat Quirk. Pat is responsible for conducting interviews with new residents and introducing them on paper to the other residents.  Residents are encouraged to submit an article.

"It makes me happy that people love to read it. It makes me happy when they tell me they read it and liked it. It keeps me going," Barbara says.

If you are in the area, stop by and pick up the latest edition of the Canterbury Tattle Tales and tour our community. Tours are offered daily, please call (360) 377-0113 and set up yours today.

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